Teen Suicide Rates In 2020 Are On The Rise. Here’s Why!

Teen suicide rates are on the rise across the nation like never before. With unseen exponential growth in these statistics many are wondering why this is happening. Many people are unaware of the vast severity of this situation.

The “suicidal stereotype” needs to be broken. There is an unofficial socal differentiation between kids who are deemed at risk and who are not. We as a whole need to express this worry for kids of all walks of life. Mental illness doesn’t have a face. We can’t expect there to be blatant warning signs from all kids. 

Lack Of Education On Mental Health

There is a lack of education and understanding of mental health. Stigmas form when it comes to mental illness. This makes kids who are struggling feel singled out and odd. Warning signs arise all over especially in the eyes of high schoolers. The problem is that it is so normal for us. Actions like self harm are judged and looked past. The problem is that these kids need the attention they are seeking in the form of help. 

There truly is a distinguished difference in self-harm between teens truly struggling and who are doing it on the basis of solely attention, but this can develop to a new level. Self-harm for many struggling teens is a euphoria. This is only otherwise is only achieved by use of drugs or alcohol. Many do it as a form of relief rather than trying to catch some sympathy.

In either regard, if you see something, say something. If you yourself are struggling, there are many ways to reach out. If you broke a limb, would you just push off going to the hospital and push through it? Mental illness is no different. 

 Lack of understanding makes people scared to be open. These are the kids who are at the greatest risk. Keeping everything bottled up in fear of judgement, hate, or bullying over the matter leads to many making their plan of action come true. 

Unachievable Social Standards

In society today, there is an unachievable and unreasonable standard for young people that affects their self worth and willingness to live greatly.  Parents are a major player in this. We are classified by fulfilling goals that are not achievable.

With the new revelation of STEM being the only path to success, there is a lack of freedom. Everything we dream of doing is wrong in their eyes. Our society can’t function without individuality. There is no support of differentiation in the modern world.

Parents and schools truly are crushing dreams. They are making unachievable standards for teens to reach. Not every student can achieve straight A’s. Possibly could we consider that mental illness could be a major factor in this?

Degrading children into doing better obviously isn’t working, so why don’t we try a different approach? If you are a parent and your child is struggling, bring them to a psychiatrist. Have your child be open and honest with them and they might end up being sick rather than “lazy” or “stupid” or “not putting in enough effort”. 

Bullying On The Rise

Bullying is on the rise more than ever. According to stopbullying.gov, 70.6% of young people witness bullying in their schools. We thought that it was getting under control but we were wrong.

Social media is killing us. Between body shaming, racism, sexism, and homophobia along with every other reason under the sun, nobody this day in age feels good enough. It is a constant struggle to maintain an image that we want everyone to see us as. Our generation that is so used to only perfection.

This leads to destroying others self worth in the wake of us just being self-conscious of ourselves. Personally, if you the reader have never experienced some form of bullying or hate in your life then you are 1 in a million. Bullying, especially with the use of social media, now is higher than ever before.

Get The Help You Need

Our generation needs help. Suicide rates are just going to keep skyrocketing if we don’t make change, and it all starts with you. If you or a loved one is struggling with depression, self-harm, bullying, or suicidal thoughts, know you are not alone.

You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. There are many groups to help you through your struggles as well. Know that there is hope and that you will be able to make it through this. Check out “4 Reasons Teen Suicide Rates Are On The Rise” on Itchy Mitchy for more information about this crisis. 

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