Am I Being Abused? Resources For Victims Of Domestic Abuse

Physical and emotional abuse is more common than you think across the country. Men and women are suffering through this every day. A question that comes to mind for many is, am I being abused?

Abuse has no face. It has no label. Abuse can be man-woman or woman-man. In our country there is a stereotype when it comes to abuse but why is that? On average 1 in 4 women are or have been victims of abuse in their lifetime. For men its every 1 in 9. Since the statistic is higher for women it seems like the men get forgotten, but that isn’t the reality.

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There are many resources to turn to when it comes to abuse. It can be emotional, or physical, but both are harmful in an equal matter. Are you getting hit, punched, kicked, or slapped by your partner? Are you getting called names, told you are not good enough, being degraded, or feeling trapped in a relationship?

If you are being abused there are many resources you can reach out too. On the next page is a list of recommended resources to reach out to and find the help you deserve. You are not in this alone.