Love Addiction: What Is Love Addiction? How To Overcome Love Addiction In Your Life

Love Addiction: How To Overcome Love Addiction In Your Life

Love addiction. is a struggle for many across the world. You may not know that you can be addicted to a person, but it is more common than you may think. There are many of us suffering from this disease every day.

If you are suffering. from love addiction or suspect you are, there is recovery. Like any addiction, there is a program outlined that you can follow. Love addiction may be a bump in the road but does not need to control your entire life.

What Is Love Addiction?

Love addiction is a form of codependency between two individuals that form over time. There are chasers and avoidants. A love addict sees the love avoidant as someone they are not.

Many of these tendencies stem from underlying abandonment issues. Some of these issues are unconscious but some are very prevalent in people’s lives. Many people go through times of abandonment.

It can either be the loss of a close friend, abandonment by a parent, loss of a family member, or many other reasons. It causes a change in the mind that makes us long for the comfort and love of someone. In the case of love addiction, it is someone who is not emotionally available.

As said before, we see these people as someone they are not. It is like your personal knight in shining armor that happens to walk into your life. Love addiction makes us have an obsession based on this person that can make it hard to break away.

How Do I Know If I’m A Love Addict?

Love addiction is not solely with a partner. It can form in many different kinds of relationships. It is solely an obsession of a person that drives us mad and delusional.

It really shoes if we lose this person from our life. Love avoidants will find other occupations or hobbies and slowly distance themselves from you until they leave completely. This leaves love addicts estranged and mad.

Love addicts may turn to substances to fill the void, multiple spontaneous relationships to fill the void, and could result in death depending on the route they take. Many love addicts can turn the addictive nature to substances. There are resources on our site for those who think they may be struggling with substance abuse.

Love addiction is not something you have to face alone either. There is a way to seek recovery from this addiction.

What Do I Do If I’m A Love Addict?

There is an amazing book by Pia Mellody called Facing Love Addiction. This book saved many love addicts I personally know and can help you too. Check it out today!

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