Mental Health Awareness: How To Assess Your Struggling Teen- 6 Tips For Parents

Many parents wonder, how do I know if my teen is struggling with mental illness?

If they are it isn’t something to look down upon, but getting help is essential to their wellbeing. Here are 6 signs for parents who may think their teens are struggling should look for.

Does Your Child Suffer Severe Mood Swings That Result In Isolation From Friends And Family?

Teens struggling with mental illness may have a hard time keeping relationships. They may isolate to the “safety of their room”, or just be different when it comes to old patterns, especially with friends and family.

If they are withdrawing from activities that they have always engaged in and are experiencing rapid change in mood or temperament, it may be time to consider that there are underlying issues if you haven’t already.  

Has Your Child Suffered An Extreme Loss Or Traumatic Experience?

Has your family recently experienced a major change like separation or divorce? Has your teen lost a beloved friend or loved one? There are many reasons why PTSD and abandonment issues can form in teens.

They are becoming old enough to be self-aware; of where life has taken them. They can become estranged due to major changes. They may freeze, have emotional or hysterical outbursts, and/or depressive episodes. This also can lead to trouble sleeping.

Do They Show Major Change In Style Or Appearance?

Teens suffering from untreated mental illness might make a drastic change when it comes to their self-presentation. Their wardrobe may turn to black, they may listen to darker music, or they may have a complete change in personality. It may be not very noticeable or the change may be drastic. A lack of hygiene is also a major red flag for parents.

Has Your Teen Been Using Drugs And Alcohol Regularly Or Sneaking Out?

Addiction is sweeping the nation and affecting teens’ lives more than ever. With the introduction of synthetic drugs like fentanyl, teens are having a smaller chance of making it out than ever before.

People forget that addiction and alcoholism aren’t a choice: it’s a disease. Drugs and alcohol are only symptoms of addiction. There is a major difference between usage and addiction, but if you believe your teen is suffering from addiction, have an intervention as soon as humanly possible.

Get them an addiction counselor, into a 12 step program, and make sure they are staying sober. You cannot force your kids to get clean and sober because it has to be a choice they make. An intervention with loved ones, friends, and respected adults who are being affected could save their life.

Is Your Child Having Significant Weight Gain Or Loss?

If you notice your teen is experiencing severe weight gain or weight loss that can be signs of addiction or eating disorders. Make sure they see a psychiatrist and/or their healthcare professional as soon as possible. That might save their life.

Are They Self Harming Or Attempting Suicide?

Many teens across the nation struggle deeply with self-harm and suicidal thoughts. These can lead to suicide attempts and the possibility of the nightmare becoming a reality.  What is the solution?

Getting Them The Help They Need:

Do research on your local psychiatrist and think about putting your teens in an inpatient or outpatient program. Booking an appointment with a PSYCHIATRIST AND THERAPIST can save them. You need to be vigilant and get them help when they show any signs of mental illness.

Many parents do not know the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. The most significant difference is that psychiatrists prescribe medication.

Medication is really not dangerous. They save people’s lives. Talk to their health care professional and do research on mental health specialists like psychiatrists and psychologists in your area.

Video and article coming soon on teens suffering addiction

Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center Teams Up With Itchy Mitchy To Raise Awareness For Struggling Teens

The Itchy Mitchy Show has been invited to the Alice Cooper Solid Rock Teen Center in Phoenix, AZ. At “The Rock” we will be interviewing fellow teens, speaking to local Phoenix schools, and so much more! This opportunity from a renowned teen center is an “absolute dream come true” says Mitchell Roggenbuck, founder of The Itchy Mitchy Show.

The Alice Cooper Solid Rock Teen Center is a christian non-for-profit based out of Phoenix, AZ. Shock rock icon Alice Cooper founded this amazing organization in 2012 to give back to struggling teens in his hometown.

What Is Solid Rock All About?

The Rock is a safe place for local kids to hang out, learn music, and build lifelong friendships instead of the alternative of being out on the streets. The Rock is a safe zone for teens to express themselves, get free music lessons, dance lessons, and overall to learn healthy ways of expressing themselves.

In a world of drugs, violence, and temptation, The Rock is a place where teens can escape. Between 50–100 teens go to the teen center on any given day. Teen centers are crucial to struggling teens’ lives, and Alice Cooper founded the absolute best.

Teens At Risk In The 21st Century

Our generation is struggling more than ever before. Between mental illness, bullying, drugs, alcohol, abuse, and so much more, we are in a major crisis.

The Solid Rock Teen Centers Statistic Rates On Teen Risk Factors

Teens are struggling like never before when it comes to narcotic abuse, mental health, self-harm, and suicide. The opioid crisis is still running large in teens’ lives. This is why we need teen centers.

The Benefits Of Solid Rock

Teen centers are safe zones. According to Solid Rock, “Studies have revealed that involvement in the arts (music, dance, art, self-expression) lead to greater success in school, regardless of socioeconomic status.”

At Solid Rock, teens from all walks of life are able to invest their skills and time into productive outlets of self-expression. The Rock provides teens with instruments, lessons, masterclasses, and so much more.

They are also always looking for donations to the program.

“Yes we do accept musical instruments in good working order for donations (no horns, flutes or pianos, with the exception of weighted keyboards) as well as any in-kind donations of school supplies, computers, art supplies, food, etc. Please refer to our Donate page for more information on how you can get involved.”

Alice Cooper Solid Rock FAQ Page

If you have the ability to send support their way, all donations are crucial to keeping The Rock alive.

The Rock is a great place for kids to grow in ways that are unseen in most teen centers across the nation. They do not “tolerate any drugs, alcohol, inappropriate language, weapons, gang colors, bullying or disrespect in any form.” It is a very safe environment for your teen. If you are in the area, you should get them involved today.

Alice Cooper In My Life

As a teen who was struggling with untreated mental illness, bullying, and addiction, music kept me going from day to day. Alice Cooper was one of the most influential musicians in my life and my absolute hero since I was 7 years old.

Since 2009 I have seen Alice live between 2–3 times a year. His story inspired me to overcome my vices and change my life in ways that I never thought possible. In the start of my journey to overcome addiction, the first thing said to me was, “If Alice F***ing Cooper can get sober, so can you.” I remind myself of that every day. Having a Christian teen center that focuses on those fundamentals is an amazing outlet for so many.

From falling in love for the first time at a Hollywood Vampires concert, (a rock ‘n roll supergroup with the legendary Alice Cooper as their frontman) to Alice Cooper being my first concert I ever attended, Alice Cooper has shaped my life and is my life.

Alice Cooper gave me perspective on life. When I was at the point in my life that I developed a “Baby’s brain and an old man’s heart” like depicted in I’m Eighteen, all I had in life was confusion. Through the depths of addiction I could finally understand the meaning of the song Ballad Of Dwight Fry when Alice sings, “See my lonely life unfold, I see it every day. See my lonely mind explode, since I’ve gone away.”

Alice Cooper has shaped me into the person I have become. Teens attending Solid Rock are so lucky to have such an amazing place to grow and develop. Alice Cooper saved my life, which I will be forever and eternally grateful for, and it is so amazing that his ideology has been implemented in a way that directly helps other teens who are living through the same hell I once was.

Support The Solid Rock Teen Center

Support the Solid Rock Teen Center by clicking HERE. You can also check out the Solid Rock Shop! All proceeds go towards The Rock.

Stay posted for upcoming content on The Itchy Mitchy Show’s trip to Phoenix! Coming out May 2020! (Coronavirus Dependent)

Thank you to the #itchymitchynation for all your support. We couldn’t do it without you guys. Thanks to all my friends and family who show their support on a daily basis.

Also special thanks to Randy Spencer at the Solid Rock Teen Center for all your help in making this dream come true. It means the world to me and I am ecstatic about this amazing opportunity! Last but not least, thank you Alice for the impact you have made on my life and the amazing opportunities you are giving to our generation. I hope to be able to meet with you sometime in the future!

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